As we all know, CNC machining can process parts that are complex in shape, diverse in processes, relatively high in accuracy, and cannot be processed by conventional machine tools. The CNC machining currently equipped by Pomeranian ranges from 650 to 850 to four-axis five-axis linkage machine tools totaling more than 40 units. Today we Let’s take a look, what are the main processing objects for cnc processing?

One, cavity and box precision parts

Box and cavity parts generally refer to parts with more than one hole system, a certain cavity inside, and a certain proportion of length, width, and height. Such products are very common in the fields of machinery, automobiles and aviation. , For example, the cylinder block of our automobile engine, the box of the gearbox, the headbox of the machine tool, the gear box, the cylinder of the oil extraction machine, various pump casings, etc.;

Box and cavity parts generally require multi-station processing and plane processing. The processing accuracy requirements are usually high, especially the form and position tolerance requirements are particularly strict. For example, automotive parts and aerospace parts usually need to be drilled. Cutting, reaming, reaming, boring, tapping, milling and other processes require more tools and fixtures. On a conventional processing machine tool, multiple clamping and calibration are required, and there are more manual measurements. As a result, the process and procedures have become complicated, and the processing cycle and cost have increased. The more important point is that the accuracy is difficult to guarantee. However, if CNC machining is used to process it, most or all of the conventional machine tools can be completed in one clamping. Used in the process, the accuracy and consistency of the parts and the quality are high and stable, and the production process is shortened, and it has a significant advantage in cost saving;

2. Products with complex curved surface parts

In aerospace, shipbuilding, communications, medical, automotive, national defense equipment and other products, parts with complex curved surfaces occupy a very large proportion, such as propellers, impellers, and various curved molding molds. Complex curved surfaces are processed by ordinary machining methods. It is difficult to do the job, and some of them cannot be completed at all. Such parts and components are processed by CNC processing, especially the four-axis and five-axis linkage machining centers that are well developed now. The complex surfaces and shapes that can be processed are even impossible with the naked eye. Observed, this is unmatched by traditional machinery.

In general, cnc can process parts better than traditional machinery, and can maintain higher processing accuracy and processing efficiency. Bomei has accumulated many years in the processing of medical, communications, drones, automobiles, optics, and automation equipment parts. Experience, if you have the processing needs of related parts, welcome to contact us, we will provide you with a complete product solution and dedicated service.