OEM CNC Milling 360 Brass Parts

Item Name: OEM CNC Milling 360 Brass Parts

1. Material: Brass

2. Manufacturing Service: OEM or ODM is available.

3. Specification: Products can be produced as per customer’s drawings.

4. Manufacturing Processes and Procedures: CNC lathe, milling, bench work etc.

5. Packing: Inner with the plastic bag and PE Foam, outer with carton. We can pack as per customer’s requirement.

CNC machining materials

Low friction, excellent electrical conductivity, golden appearance. Brass is a metal alloy with good machinability and excellent electrical conductivity. Ideal for applications that require low friction.

Brass machining parts have several key advantages compared to machining other materials. Brass parts and components are durable, cost-efficient, and even create a tighter seal for fittings and have a high heat and corrosion resistancmethodology and application. Brass machining is used in a wide variety of industries, including medical, electrical, plumbing, and even consumer goods.

Features Of Brass Milling Parts

– Long shelf life
– Strong wear resistance
– Good malleability
– Flexible and rustproof
– Easy to shape
– Excellent tensile strength, rustproof