metal machined parts

Item Name: metal machined parts

1.Price: Factory Price
2.Manufacturing Service: OEM or ODM is available.
3.Tolerance: Can keep +/-0.005mm, high accuracy
4.Specification: Products can be produced as per customer’s drawings.
5.Manufacturing Processes and Procedures: CNC lathe, milling, bench work etc.


Quick Turnaround Time

Need to get your products to market fast? We specialize in rapid prototyping and rapid tooling and we know how to make the process feel effortless. We’ll meet your high standards for quality and ensure that your products are delivered to you on time.

Global Delivery

Need a manufacturer with deep experience in international markets? For 10+ years, we’ve been working with customers all over the globe. We understand international shipping and logistics and will deliver your high-quality parts right to your door.

100K+ Completed Projects

Every project we complete adds to our experience and enables us to do more for our customers. We focus on continuous improvement and are always striving to set the bar higher.

CNC precision machining is a process utilized in the industry manufacturing that use of lathes, routers, mills, grinders, cutters, EDM machines and various others to get the final part of any metallic device and product. CNC machining from China is gaining momentum day after day because of premium quality and low prices.