CNC machining prototype

CNC machining prototype

1.From prototypes to end parts, upload your CAD files, fast and professional quote in 1-24 hours

2.Comprehensive CNC design software and skilled engineer enables sample to be done within 7-10 days

3.Advanced CNC machining techniques (drilling, turning, milling) process a variety of metal & plastic materials

4.We offer rapid prototyping for small-batch orders, low-volume production and manufacturing for batches of 100,000+ components, and full-scale manufacturing – no project is too big or too small.

CNC machining services can produce anything from engine components all the way up to bolts that work on oil rigs. They can even create custom parts, providing help from the prototyping stage to the last production. There are a number of industries make use of a variety of precision equipment, which is why CNC is so relevant in today’s market.

With CNC machining services in China, you can easily increase productivity. Without the aid of these sophisticated machines, you will need more time to produce specific parts. It is also interesting to take note that the finished products may not fit well. With precision tools, the most crucial parts can be manufactured with speed and consistency. If you choose the conventional machines, the process might waste time and raw materials. If you choose CNC machining services, you just need to follow easy steps to complete the whole production.

Each rapid prototyping service has their own unique design rules that, if followed, will help you design highly successful rapid prototypes. For precision CNC machining there are many simple design rules that will generally improve your CNC prototype design and will not adversely affect the overall look or functionality of your part made via low volume manufacturing.

Multi-axis CNC Machining

By using flexible machining ways, we usually combine conventional machining with the lastest 3-5-axis CNC precision machining, which can help you minimize the machining cost while increasing your competitive edge. Your parts with complex geometries can be produced by Our advanced 5-axis CNC machine.

Quality control

In a similar vein, it is important to establish what quality control equipment and processes a CNC machining service offers, including raw material inspection, in-process quality checks, finished part inspection and outgoing quality control. A CNC machining company that provides a comprehensive and state-of-the-art quality control workflow will ensure that your prototypes and products are up to the highest standard.