CNC Machining ABS

Item Name:   CNC Machining ABS

1. Material: ABS

2. Price: Factory Price

3. Surface Treatment(Finishing): Anodized

4. Manufacturing Service: OEM or ODM is available.

5. Tolerance: Can keep +/-0.005mm, high accuracy

6. Specification: Products can be produced as per customer’s drawings.

7. Drawing Software: CAD/Solidworks/CAXA/UGNX.10

ABS, or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is a widely used CNC machining material, which meets the needs of many industries because of its material properties and accessible cost. ABS is a highly machinable plastic material with a low raw material cost. Both of these factors have led to the material being used for many prototyping applications, as well as certain end-use applications.

We can offer a complete surface finishing surface for the plastic material. We can manage well for painting, silkscreen, polishing for the machined part.

As a top on-demand part provider, we offer a rapid ABS prototyping service that accepts 1pcs orders. When it comes to a volume order, we can also handle it well, promising a high quality as well as a cost-competitive price.

Advantages of Our CNC Machining ABS Accessories

– Custom ABS CNC machining parts and services for a wide range of applications.
– Exact dimensions as the customers’ design or drawings and high accuracy
– Quality and quick CNC prototyping and precision CNC machining
– 100% inspection and detailed measurement for each ABS product.