CNC Machined Aluminum 6061 Knurled Lock Nut

Item Name: CNC Machined Aluminum 6061 Knurled Lock Nut

1. Material: Aluminum

2. Price: Factory Price

3. Surface Treatment(Finishing): Anodized

4. Manufacturing Service: OEM or ODM is available.

5. Tolerance: Can keep +/-0.005mm, high accuracy

6. Specification: Products can be produced as per customer’s drawings.

7. Drawing Software: CAD/Solidworks/CAXA/UGNX.10

BOMEI is a China OEM CNC machining company provides high-quality aluminum machined components, from simple nuts, screws, shafts to complex geometries with tight tolerances, strict quality control system ensures no detects and damages on the products.

Our knurled aluminum thin nuts including straight knurled nuts & diamond knurled nuts, these high quality aluminum 6061 /6082 straight knurled nuts for a variety of home and commercial applications.