Brass Machining services

We have over 10 years of CNC machining experience, have capabilities to manufacture simple or complex brass products including high quality precision brass CNC milled components, brass CNC turned components and brass CNC lathing components to meet your demands with reliable operators, sophisticated machinery and equipment at our disposal.

Because brass causes limited tool wear during the machining process and is relatively easy to mill, it can – depending on the application – unlock faster machining speeds. The material is also well suited to CNC machining because it is recyclable, meaning that scrap material can be transformed into raw material again.

Advantages Of Custom CNC Brass Machining Services:

  • Wide Applications: Costume jewelery, Decorative elements, Boilerwork, Armament and welding, Wire, Condenser tubes, Electrical terminals, Boat building, Musical instruments
  • Various Quality Copper Materials: Brass 360, Brass 308, Copper 101, Copper 110, Copper 11000, Bronze
  • Quality Guarantee: Advanced CNC TURNING machines, capable designers and engineers, and experienced production workers ensure excellent quality
  • Custom OEM Capacity: Provide customers with the best design and production solutions according to the drawings and parameters – Bomei as one of the China Leading brass CNC machining services suppliers and CNC brass turning parts manufacturers, has complete confident to be your best business partner.Now you can easily order your bronze turned products and receive them anywhere in the world by express parcel.