Precision CNC parts processing is a kind of CNC machining. In the process of industrial production of precision CNC parts, the processing level is divided according to the accuracy. In machinery manufacturing, the tolerance level is stipulated to ensure the accuracy of the machine and the interchangeability of parts and components, as well as the economy of the manufacturing machine. That is to say, as long as the low accuracy can ensure the function and accuracy of the machine, do not demand too high the accuracy of non-standard mechanical parts, which will increase the manufacturing cost.

Therefore, in the processing of precision cnc parts, the higher the precision of the parts is required, the higher the price. This is the process of precision cnc parts processing, reducing the error generated during processing is now the basic requirement of most parts processing, but the error is To a certain extent, the more difficult it is to reduce, the more difficult it becomes.

In some high-tech products or medical equipment, these parts require higher accuracy, so the charges will be more expensive. The cnc machining industry is constantly deepening its manufacturing technology reforms, so many new technologies, new materials, and new processes have been added. On the one hand, the manufacturing level of non-standard precision cnc machining parts is higher, and the other On the one hand, it greatly improves production efficiency. In the process of non-standard precision cnc parts processing, some tooling fixtures will be used at night to improve production efficiency and improve the accuracy of processed workpieces, while also reducing the scrap rate of operators and so on.

The production equipment required in the process of precision CNC parts processing and production, such as lathes, milling machines, grinders, internal/external grinding, fast and slow wire walking, spark machines, fine hole electric discharge machines, CNC machining centers and other precision machines, etc., these production Equipment needs to be charged some wear costs. The higher the precision of the equipment, the higher the product quality and the higher the price. The company’s staffing, processing materials, special auxiliary tools and cutting tools, reasonable profits required by the company, etc. will be included in the quotation.