CNC milling service China

All of us know that milling machines are useful yet versatile. Widely used for Machining flat surfaces, but you can use it for producing irregular surfaces too. CNC vertical milling machine is One of the most commonly used milling machines currently.

At Bomei, we are known to provide excellent quality milling machines to a wide array of customers.

Vertical milling machines helps the operator to access as well as monitor the entire cutting operations with ease. If you are involved in prototype work, then also you can buy it. Its ease of setup also makes CNC vertical machining an excellent choice for prototype applications.
Milling turned Machining are in great demand these days due to its high efficiency and user-friendly functionality.

Starting from designing a CNC milling part drawing or geometry with CAD software, then CAM software converts the file to CNC machine program, which can dictate the machine what to do and how to do. CNC milling services apply computerized technique to complete the manufacturing as the following basic production stages:

  • Designing a CNC Milling CAD model
  • Converting the CAD model into a CNC milling program
  • Setting up the CNC milling machine
  • Cutting small pieces off the block material to obtain approximate shape
  • Executing the CNC milling operation with higher precision and accuracy

Why Choose BOMEI CNC Milling Services

    • Extensive Material Option. Wide variety of certified materials (over 50 metal and plastic materials) and surface finishes available
    • Profitable Custom Design. Precise design and produce to custom specifications, offer clients the most cost and time saving CNC milling service
    • Rapid prototyping. Get prototypes quickly, optimize the entire high-speed milling workflow with advanced milling machines and full equipped CNC milling factory