Acrylic (Polymethyl-Methacrylate or PMMA) is an amorphous thermoplastic which is optically transparent, unaffected by moisture, and offers a high strength-to-weight ratio. It is a great option for lightweight, shatter-proof parts. It is a cost-effective substitute for glass and heavier plastics.

It can be buffed and lacquer coated to achieve higher level of transparency.

PMMA Prototypes via CNC Machining

PMMA clear parts are usually made in order to make glass-like clear prototypes that are stronger, light and durable. PMMA machining allows for the stock sheets to be machined and made into complex shapes. However, it must be noted, that PMMA clear parts after machining can only be achieved after the machined part is properly sanded and polished. This removes any tool marks, as well as completely, restore the transparent nature of the material.

PMMA has excellent machinability and guarantees high optical quality. PMMA is often used for construction applications including for sight glasses and liquid gauges as well as for illuminated signs, display cases and displays. These applications are evidence that acrylic has become a valuable and even indispensable material in the industrial sector too.

Benefits of Machining Acrylic:

For the many years we have been involved in CNC machining procedures, we have served many clients. The diverse client base means that we have handled complex procedures involving acrylic CNC machining. That is advantageous given that our professionals have the skills that are needed to convert an acrylic panel into any desired shape and size. To ensure that our clients get to have products that live up to their expectations, our professional engineers are ever keen on consultations. Through the approach, we are better placed at determining the needs of our clients and delivering CNC machined acrylic products that offer the guarantee to work with precision.

The materials for CNC machining are usually sheet materials with standard thickness. Sheet materialswith thickness more than 100 mm  aredifficult to order, and theones withthickness of 150 mmneed to be customized. As the prices of the sheet materials with special thickness are different, the prices of sheet materials used in making prototype are not consistent.

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