Meet the complex needs of drone companies and the most stringent industry standards. We are able to provide machined parts of complex shapes with strict tolerances, as well as high-level supporting documentation. Our lathe parts include various sizes and shapes, including flanges, couplings, sleeves, nuts, bushings and housings for drones.

In the field of CNC precision parts processing, various intelligent products emerge in endlessly. Now the most popular intelligent CNC precision parts processing is the drone. The full name of unmanned aerial vehicle is “unmanned aerial vehicle”, which involves sensors, communication, information processing, intelligent control technology and other propulsion technologies. It is an unmanned aircraft operated by radio remote control equipment and self-provided program control devices. The value of drones lies in the formation of an aerial platform, combined with other components to expand applications, and replace humans in completing operations in the air.

In many cities, drones have become standard equipment for middle-class families. With the maturity of drone technology, the cost of CNC precision parts processing has been greatly reduced, and it has been widely used in various fields. The rise of every smart product will bring a steady stream of orders to CNC precision parts processing plants. UAVs are now the outlet for CNC precision parts processing companies. Due to the widespread use of drones, the high-precision requirements of CNC precision parts processing of natural drones must keep up with the rhythm.

Only CNC precision parts processing plants with five-axis machining can keep up with the pace of transformation and upgrading of CNC precision parts processing. A machine tool that contains any five axes of X, Y, Z, A, B, and C at the same time is a five-axis machine. When a five-axis machine tool processes many parts, only one clamping is required. However, a three-axis machine tool requires several clamping operations, and the processing efficiency is higher than that of a three-axis machine tool. Secondly, the five-axis machine tool can process parts with complex curved surfaces that cannot be machined by the three-axis machine tool, such as propellers, impellers, and so on. The precision required for CNC precision parts processing of drones is high, and the five-axis machine can meet it. Many small CNC precision parts processing plants are generally three-axis machines, and the accuracy is difficult to meet the requirements of drones. If you have CNC precision parts processing requirements for drones, you may wish to contact the customer service of our CNC precision parts processing plant to provide you with a quotation as soon as possible.