cnc machining China

CNC Machining Services,it is a wonderful process by which automated cutting tools remove material from a block of raw material. Our capacity allows us to create CNC machined parts with unrivaled speed, and our experienced engineers ensure the highest standards with cutting edge software and equipment.

Advantages Of CNC Machining

CNC machining process can be having many benefit to meet your specification. But not limited to :

  • Rapid removal of large amounts of metal material to form your product shape
  • Highly precision , repeatable and reproducible
  • Suitable for many different kinds of substrates
  • Scalable volumes from one to one-hundred thousand
  • Low investment in tooling or preparation costs
  • Economical
  • Fast turnaround

Materials Used For CNC Machining

We work with a wide range of plastic and metal materials including steel, aluminum, brass and titanium to make parts for rapid prototypes and CNC machining production. In addition to our stock list, we can provide you with customized raw material as required..

Our Flexible Payment Terms:

For small orders, such as samples order, in order to save the bank charge for both parties, PayPal, West Union, Money Gram are well recommended.

Normally we will request TT30% before production, TT70% will be paid before shipping.

Our Warranty:

First, all the material we used is 100% real.

After samples approved, before packing and shipping, all the parts will be 100% inspected by our QC.

In the shipping stage, we will track the shipment including the air ship and sea ship, and then inform our customers pay attention to them.

Our CNC machining China solutions and services are not limited to aforementioned points, but have expanded to next level of offering surface treatment services that include metal polishing, brushed metal finishing, shot blasting, sandblasting, spray painting, power coating and various other treatments.