CNC Machining China

CNC machining is one of the basic and important manufacturing process widely used in many fields, especially in aerospace, aviation, auto, machinery, defense, etc. As a big manufacturing country, China has developed well in its CNC machining industries over the past two decades. There are hundreds of thousands of CNC manufacturing company in China, from small CNC machine shop to large manufacturing factory which combines the ability of CNC machining, metal casting, sheet metal fabrication, etc.

1. Very competitive machining Cost

There is no doubt that price is among the most important reason why a buyer choose a seller. As the biggest manufacturing country in the world, China has tens of thousands of machining manufacturer. They are spread in almost every industry areas. The competition those machining shop is tough, which makes the machining cost very competitive. That’s the biggest reason why more and more overseas customers seek precision machining solutions in China.

2. No MOQ required for custom machined parts

Because of the strong competition, most machining manufacturer in China don’t require any MOQ, you can even place an order for only 1 piece, which is often called CNC prototype. But it is the case that, more quantity means more competitive for per piece, because some certain cost such as set-up cost, material cost, programming cost can be spread to more quantity.

3. Wide range machining materials

To serve the vast manufacturing industry, there are many companies in China who offer a wide range of machining materials, such as aluminum, steel, brass, copper, stainless steel, plastics. Those material are competitive in price and very easy to get.

4. Wide range of surface treatment

As a post-machining process, surface finishing is often required by CNC machined parts. To keep the pace with machining industry, there are lots of factories who are specializing in doing surface treatment. They can offer whichever finishing you need, which make China CNC machining service even more competitive with others. Meanwhile, some machining manufacturer in China can do certain kinds of surface finishing in-house.

5. Wide selection of machining factory

As we said, there are tens of thousands of machining factories in China, there are big joint enterprise who do machining, stamping, molding, casting all together, there are medium-scaled manufacturers who are concentrate on doing machining work, and there are small machining shops who can do certain machining processes to be as the support for others.  You can choose which one best suited for your needs. Choose the big one if you have high demand in quality and don’t care about the price, chose the medium one which you are willing to balance the quality and the cost. And choose the small one if you can sacrifice quality to price. It is the normal case, if you are lucky enough, you can also find someone who can provide good quality and most competitive price, who knows.