With the continuous development of industrial technology, ultra-precision CNC machining has been applied in many fields, especially in the following three fields:

1. For the manufacture of automotive precision parts, CNC corers can be used in the manufacture of auto parts, such as the manufacture of valve cores, valve stems, reverse gear shafts, throttle shafts and worm gear parts. Among them, worm gear drives The structure has the characteristics of high transmission ratio. In order to improve the traditional efficiency and reduce the noise, the precision of the worm is very high in the processing process, which is mainly reflected in the accuracy of the tooth profile and the surface roughness, and the processing of the automobile worm Generally, it is processed in large quantities, and CNC processing is very calm in the processing of large quantities;

2. Manufacturing of medical equipment parts. The medical industry has very high requirements for the production of medical equipment. Bomei Precision Technology has more than 15 years of experience in the manufacture of medical equipment parts. Most of the precision medical parts are made of titanium alloys. The difficulty of the processing process can be imagined. With its ultra-high processing accuracy, it can meet the high-precision processing requirements of precision small parts in medical equipment;

3. 3C precision parts manufacturing, 3C precision parts manufacturing is also in the field of CNC machining. In the 3C industry, for example, non-standard nuts, screws, camera frames, button frames and other ultra-high-precision and large-scale parts in mobile phones are CNC processed. Can meet their needs;