Auto parts processing mainly refers to cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, camshafts, connecting rods, etc. Most of the machine tools needed to process these parts are high-efficiency, high-performance, high-reliability CNC machine tools or special CNC machine tools. Auto parts are the core functional parts of automobiles. The current diversified and personalized requirements of automobile users for automobiles have forced automobile companies to change their products faster and faster. The production lines of modular machine tools (special machines) that have been dominant in the automobile manufacturing industry for many years have been unable to meet the rapid and new real needs of the automobile industry. Special machines or special machine automatic lines Although the efficiency is high, it limits the flexibility of processing and makes the adaptability of the machine tool to the variety of processed parts very poor.
So far, the applicability of parts has entered a crazy stage. It can be said that as a category with greater applicability nowadays, in fact, for the industry, the multiplication of parts is to be able to better equip them. The operation of the machine.

In the new era, new ideas, and processing, more attention is paid to the process. When the CNC machining of auto parts shows its own road process, it can be said that the market is shaken by it.

1. The design of the drawing. The drawing is the initial part of a part. It is designed according to the needs of the customer, so that the customer can pay more attention to you.

2. The choice of material. When we are processing, we will definitely choose the material suitable for it for processing, so what material is suitable for it? In fact, the material can be said to be the core product of the entire part, so it must be carefully selected.

3. Program compilation, CNC lathe is a new type of equipment that can realize automatic production. This equipment can realize automatic production at present, which can save a lot of unnecessary expenses. It can be said that it is a purely cost-saving mechanical equipment.

Fourth, the process steps during processing, no matter what parts are processed, the steps must be carried out in accordance with the conventional process, and the processing steps must not be changed at will. Any errors in this step will affect the bending properties of the entire part.

The above processes can be said to be the entire process of CNC machining of automotive parts.