The core machine is a kind of intelligent processing machine with high precision in the field of precision machining. After evolution and upgrading, three-axis, four-axis and five-axis CNC core machines have appeared. Because of its special structure, the CNC core machine has Such parts and precision parts with small diameter and large length have advantages that traditional machine tools do not have. The quality and efficiency are not the same. However, many manufacturers do not seem to have a clear standard for the maintenance of the CNC core machine. In order to prolong the service life of the CNC core machine and maintain the machining accuracy of the CNC core machine, maintenance is essential.

A. We need to keep the cleanliness of the machine tool itself

For workers, it is necessary to keep the machine clean at all times. This is a very important part of their work. The company needs to formulate relevant rules to stipulate that the main part of the machine needs to be cleaned every time a shift is transferred. These parts include the workbench, operation panel, etc., especially the knife holder board, which needs to be carefully treated. It needs to be wiped clean with soft cotton yarn, and then coated with lubricating oil on the wiped knife holder board, which can effectively prevent the knife Corrosion of the shelf board.

In addition, all equipment needs to be cleaned and maintained every week. For example, dust screens, filters, chips, etc. need to be wiped and cleaned. There are some other parts that need to be implemented according to the instructions.

B. Cleanliness of the processing workshop environment

The CNC five-axis has certain requirements for the environment during processing. It must be clean and dust-free. The air must not be too humid or too dry, especially corrosive gases, otherwise it will affect the accessories of the equipment for a long time. If there are too many impurities, there will be some failures during use. In order to prevent damage to the machine and extend the trouble-free operation time of the equipment, we all need to maintain a clean and tidy environment in the workshop, which is useful for extending the use time of the equipment. Obvious role.

C, periodic inspection

A. It is necessary to conduct regular inspections on all parts of the five-axis walking machine, including the hydraulic system, lubrication system, cooling system and other parts.

B. It is necessary to check the wear and tightness of the transmission belt regularly, whether the lubricating oil is clean and free of impurities, and some other parts, including contactors, relays, etc., need to be checked.

C. The buttons and switches on the machine also need to be checked and maintained regularly, so that problems can be found within the fastest time and hidden dangers can be eliminated.

D. The focus of inspection is the heat dissipation and ventilation device of the walking machine. If regular inspection is not performed, abnormal operation of the device is likely to occur, which will cause a series of applause such as the deterioration of the working environment of electrical components.

D, be sure to avoid machining on machine tools with faults

If the various parts of the walking machine fail, they cannot continue to run, especially the mechanical part. At this time, you must stop working immediately, analyze the cause of the failure, and perform troubleshooting after knowing the cause. Repair, and then you can continue to run. If the walking machine has malfunctioned, but it does not stop working, it will cause serious damage to the equipment.