BOMEI provides advanced 5-axis milling services, which greatly increases the possibility of designing and manufacturing parts of various shapes and sizes, which can be used on complex and compact surfaces. We are an experienced CNC machining company from China that can provide customized solutions to help you achieve the most difficult manufacturing goals. Using 5-axis machining can improve the accuracy of details on different sides or planes of the object.

Aluminum five-axis machining service
Aluminum is the most popular metal material for 5-axis CNC machining, including aluminum 5052, aluminum 6061 and aluminum 7075. In the bomei shop, we can use our 5-axis machines of various sizes to produce complex aluminum parts at reasonable prices.

Five-axis CNC parts inspection
The five-axis machined parts have complex functions and require higher inspections than other machined parts. We have an experienced quality inspection team, with advanced testing machines including 3D measuring instruments, and can provide inspection reports for each order.

We can start manufacturing from a part according to your processing prototype requirements, or mass-produce for you in a cost-saving manner. From small parts to large parts can be delivered globally. These parts are widely used in aerospace, medical, automotive, military and many other fields. We know that cost is critical to customization. We specialize in saving the cost of CNC parts design, raw material selection, production efficiency, logistics, after-sales service and other aspects for our customers. In short, we are a five-axis machined parts manufacturer suitable for you in China, just send us an inquiry.

What is 5-axis CNC machining?

Like any other machining process, 5-axis CNC machining refers to the manufacturing process of removing material from a workpiece by using a high-speed CNC machine called a 5-axis CNC machine tool or a 5-axis milling machine. A five-axis milling machine can drive two additional axes, usually called A and B. By having these two additional axes, the 5-axis milling machine can drive cutting tools to perform more multi-directional feeds and process very complex parts.

What are the advantages of 5-axis CNC machining?

Ability to make more complex shapes
By using two additional axes, the machine tool milling cutter can reach any different angles of the workpiece closely, which makes it possible to create very complex arcs and small angles in a single setup process.

Improve processing efficiency by reducing processing time
Most parts can be completely processed with one setup. Reduced cycle time allows us to produce more parts faster, so we can complete your order faster. Using only one setting can also improve the accuracy of details on different sides or planes of the part.

Tighter tolerances
As mentioned above, a five-axis machine tool can use shorter tools, resulting in less vibration during machining. At the same time, it only needs to be set once, which means that there is no need to remove the workpiece during the entire machining process.Both help to obtain more precise machining and tighter tolerance parts.

Create higher quality surface finish
5-axis machining can achieve smaller cuts due to its multiple movements, which helps to obtain wavy geometry on the surface and leads to higher quality.

We can provide you with CNC machining services in China according to the drawings, customized precision CNC machining services, suitable for small batch parts, high-precision parts, large metal parts, molds.