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China CNC Machining Services

Bomei was founded in 2003, is a professional factory  in  manufacturing precision CNC machining parts, CNC machine parts and automation precision parts, fixture parts. We provide one-stop CNC machining services for custom CNC machined parts, rapid prototype. We customize all kinds of machining parts according to drawing or samples. Being a CNC precision machining services provider in China for various practices across many industries, we offer diverse custom precision machining services.

Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

Bomei is expert in achieving the perfect surface finishies for your parts. With anodizing, spray painting, vapor polishing, sandblasted, silk-screen.

cnc milling china

CNC Milling

Provide CNC milling services from small to large parts with exacting tolerances and dimensions.

cnc turning china

CNC Turning

Offer CNC turning parts with very tight tolerances and diameters from 1mm to 300mm.

cnc machining services

5-axis CNC machining parts

As one of the leading 5-axis machining manufacturers in China,we supply extremely complex CNC machined parts with higher precision and excellent surface finish. Parts manufactured by 5-axis CNC machining centers are widely used in injection molds, auto parts, aircraft structural parts, medical equipment, etc.

When there is an urgent need for delivery, it is necessary to improve production efficiency and reduce production time. With a single setup and fewer fixtures, a 5-axis machine might be a better choice.

Advantages of China CNC Machining Services

CNC machining services in China are able to produce precise and complex shapes that cannot be achieved by other machining processes such as manual machining. The process itself is more precise and enables precise repeatability, delivering the same product to the same specification again and again.

From 1 piece (“one-offs”) to complete series of professionally customized components, Bomei provides you a one-stop service from mechanical part design, machining, finishing, assembly to delivery.

cnc machining parts

Why Choose BOMEI China CNC Machining Supplier? 

1. CNC machining parts and aluminum parts

We offer a wide range of aluminum material options including aluminum 2024,6063,6061,5052,7075. Our Machine in high speed, 4-axis aluminium milling service gives us the ability to machine your aluminum milling parts at much faster speeds and with higher accuracy.

2. CNC machining quality assurance

Our test LABS meet all required ISO standards and other qualifications and we only use the most advanced technology to inspect your components and check for quality issues.

3. Cost-effective Manufacturing Services

At BOMEI, we adhere to strict Design for Manufacturing (DFM) standards, which means we design parts and optimize designs to simplify manufacturing. This reduces our start-up, material and functional costs, providing you with cost-effective manufacturing services.

4. Fast CNC Prototype capabilities

Get prototypes quickly, optimize the entire high-speed milling workflow with advanced milling machines and full equipped CNC milling factory

5. Advanced equipment

BOMEI is a high-quality CNC machining manufacturer in China with a history of more than ten years. Constantly investing in advanced machines to enhance our capabilities. We have extensive equipment for production and testing, and we can make precision parts as small as a few millimeters. At the same time, we have large machine tools that can support large-scale CNC machining services up to two meters.

6.Multi-axis CNC Machining

By using flexible machining ways, we usually combine conventional machining with the lastest 3-5-axis CNC precision machining, which can help you minimize the machining cost while increasing your competitive edge.

CNC Machining Services Materials & Finishes

If you need to manufacture your parts with CNC machining China, it is vital to know the kind of finishes and materials you can apply to your CNC machined parts. We can apply all types of surface treatments to a variety of parts.

Brass: Brass is an alloy made from copper and zinc, with strong wear resistance, ow coefficient of friction, low melting point, good malleability, and high corrosion resistance, it’s incredibly useful for hot machinery and products. So the brass is an ideal material for manufacturing CNC machining parts. 

Aluminum:  Aluminum is an essential industrial material and commonly CNC machined material, as it exhibits interesting thermal properties and excellent machinability, and is thus the preferred material in the most manufacturing sector in a wide range of industries.

Steel:  Precision CNC machined stainless steel parts are becoming a choice for many industries due to its desirable physical properties! Stainless Steel is one of the most popular industrial alloys for many CNC machining projects, due to its excellent physical properties.

PMMA:  PMMA plastic is a popular material in CNC machining processes such as turning and milling due to some unique inherent properties, the transparency and rigidity make it a great substitute for glass.

AnodizingAnodizing is an electrolytic passivation process that grows the natural oxide layer on aluminum parts for protection from wear and corrosion, as well as for cosmetic effects.

Laser EngravingLaser etching is also called laser engraving or laser marking. It is a surface treatment process that uses optical principles to form LOGO or patterns on the product. The laser engraved effect is permanent, and the surface quality is high. It is suitable for all kinds of hardware and plastic products.

Bead BlastingBead blasting is used to create a satin or matte finish with a raised surface texture. This removes tool marks, and is typically done for cosmetic purposes.

PolishingStandard mechanical polishing can also be used to create a very high shine in metal components. A series of decreasing-grit polishers are used on the component until it has a very smooth, mirror-like finish.

CNC Machining FAQ

1. Why choose CNC machining?

CNC machining is a versatile, fast and accurate solution for manufacturing end-use metal and plastic parts; BOMEI, as a reliable custom precision CNC machining company in China, is able to CNC machine different types of materials and customize them for each product suitable process. No matter the quantity, you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment or tools. We can help your company according to your needs.

2. Can I get precision tolerance CNC parts from Bomei?

With our advanced CNC machines, we can provide precision machined parts for all high-end products. When working with BOMEI, we guarantee that your specifications will be taken care of.

Before starting machining, our programming engineers, production engineers and quality engineers will discuss the machining options for the product, whether tolerances can be met, and the test fixtures and tooling needed. For parts that need to be manufactured on multiple surfaces and have high accuracy requirements, we will test them during machining and prepare test fixtures as required to ensure accuracy.

3.How Does CNC Machining Compare to 3D Printing?

CNC machining processes can be applied to a wide range of products and materials. It requires little adjustment, and in most cases it may be necessary to change the cutting tool to be used between projects. In short, CNC machining can produce a product in large quantities in a very short period of time. 3D printing is time-consuming, with even the fastest industrial 3D printers taking hours to produce a single part.

CNC machining uses a subtractive production method, thanks to which the material is not heated or transformed, meaning the finished product retains the strength and other properties of the material. 3D printing, while capable of producing complex parts, reduces the integrity of the part because it is a layered material.

Advantages of CNC Machining 5 Axis For the Inventor

One of the hardest and one of the most important decisions an inventor or designer can make is how to replicate and produce their creations. For many, it seems that with the wide array of choices in countries and companies, the options just seem too intimidating and it can end in the inventor making a costly mistake, which therefore makes it the most important and hardest decision. Also, with the new advances in Manufacturing and Metalworking Technology, such as the CNC machinating 5 axis, the options have now doubled for inventors and designers.

Opposed to seeing it for the positive that it is; it is viewed as a negative, but it is quite the contrary. For instance, the CNC machining 5 axis systems offer many new benefits for the inventor and the designer alike. A few examples that are offered by the CNC machining 5 axis systems is the fact that it has the capability to mold small complex steel shapes if required, which is difficult such as a landing gear strut for a plane.

If you only want to make say 40 parts then the CNC machining 5 axis systems are perfect due to the fact that it is able to adequately produce in large quantities. All too often the price of something with very premium service is sacrificed in comparison to another cheaper yet less effective machine. Quality vs. Quantity is a common problem, but with the CNC machining 5 axis systems, there is no such sacrifice necessary. The CNC machining 5 axis systems, in all actuality, cut down on costs, and are not just as precise but somewhat more accurate than the other systems.

However, in America, there is only a hand full of companies that can provide this service, and this can be in itself much more expensive. Therefore, the best option would be to look to Chinese Manufacturing. Due to manufacturing being a major industry in China, the availability as well as the abundance of companies, leads to much cheaper options than the American Companies utilizing the CNC machining 5 axis systems, with no loss in quality.

As a final result, a tremendous amount will be saved in terms of labor costs, and shipping, as this is handled by the representative. This is the true benefit of using the CNC machining 5 axis systems as well as Chinese CNC services for your inventions and designs.

Where Does Obtain the CNC Machining Material?

You may see various types of CNC material providers and its service are highly valuable. Thus, CNC is the powerful one that is used in the manufacturing industries and their processes are control and manage the machine tools. Now, most of the industries are considering CNC machining services because their processes are mostly used in the world. We are providing all types of molding services and especially you may get considerable services. Ensure the china 3d printer and provides superb aid to the individuals. As per your prototypes, get the rapid tooling services in china. We are the lead manufacturer company and more people are tending towards our industry for ensuring the molding parts. In all possible ways, you will get rapid assistance from the ream. Not miss their unique one and you will worry about missing it.

Get Quality Products:

For considering any things, quality is more important because the things will be used for long lasting. We are holding a strict team for checking the quality. After manufacturing the products, move out the things for all quality checking and they are distributed to the supplier. If you have any more queries about the quality and we will provide a quick response as much as possible time with the proper solution. Even it is a small or big project; our services team will give excellent service to the clients. Therefore, not avoid the team and you will worry about missing the good ones in the CNC machining services.

On-Time Delivery:

If you place your order in the online mode, you will get the things in an on time. Our teams are following the time management for delivering the projects. Almost, the status of the project will indicate to you and by these, you will know the details about the projects. We will deliver the items at the correct time. Mostly our staffs are highly qualified in their profession provides the small batch cnc machining parts on time. This is not only for these products also for the other types of projects. The professional team will provide high-quality material.

Better Services:

For all your projects, we provide the full pledge aid with the best manufacturing. As per the customer’s needs and requirements, we will provide excellent services. In addition, clients also get satisfied with our team. To ensure the items in our manufacturing company and ensure the benefits.

CNC processing is additional usually used prototype processing, processing accuracy than new processing systems to high, the processing of a wide range of materials, plastic and metal materials can be processed, there are high requirements for the precision of the proposed use of CNC processing.

How To Make Precision Machined Parts

Nowadays, the dependence of many companies is on precision-machined parts. As a matter of fact, a wide assortment of products make use of them. Just in case you don’t know, these parts are fabricated by the manufacturer of the product. At times, they are also outsourced. Let us know how to make precision-machined parts.

Precision Machining

In the fabrication process, precision machining is a step that allows the creation of small parts by removing specific areas of steel or any other sort of metal used as raw material. In most cases, the process that is used is known as jig boring or milling; however, at times, you will also see the application of lasers or cutters.

Once the items are ready, they are used in the production of a variety of products, such as cars, clocks and airplanes, just to name a few. Some companies have deep interest in precision machining and they tend to sell their products to other buyers for use in their products.

How To Make Precision-machined Parts?

Usually, the companies in this business have a good deal of experience in making design solutions for different CNS precision-machined parts. To make the process as smooth as possible, process engineers and machine lab design work in collaboration with their valued OEM counterparts so as to make improvements to the part design, which carries a lot of importance.

Great care is taken throughout the process. Whether it is the prototyping phase or engineering phase, collaborations are always made in order to fulfill the quality and function specifications. The goal is to make the demanded product at a reasonable cost and in a timely fashion.

In case of precision machining, the engineers responsible for designing and processing make sure the production costs are the lowest, cycle times are minimum and dimensional control is maximum. As a result, the process becomes cost effective and is of highest quality possible. Each year, millions of parts are created and delivered.

Companies that manufacture precision-machined parts have a lot of CNC programming and modeling experience. As a result, the cost of each part is the least. These companies also give recommendations as to the dimensions and diameters. Aside from this, they also give their valuable suggestions about cutting configurations on the basis of the modeling analysis and construct profile.

Usually, some companies turn the whole component with just a single tool, which reduces cycle times, setup times and offer better control over the process. Aside from this, these companies deliver the required quality with shortest lead times for highest return on development.

5 Benefits of Rapid Prototyping for the Design and Development of Products

Product designers face a lot of challenges. One of the most common challenges is that they can’t show how the final product will feel and look. Although there are many advancements in the world of 3D CAD, there still is a lot of room for improvement.

Nowadays, rapid prototyping or additive manufacturing is getting quite popular among designers, engineers, and manufacturers. The reason is that it allows manufacturers to get a better idea of the product potential. With RP, things get much easier. Given below are some of the most prominent benefits of rapid prototyping. Read on to know more.

1. Checking the Design Concepts

With RP, designers can turn their dream into an actual model of the product. This allows them to see and feel the product. So, designers can turn their ideas into a prototype before developing the actual product. Besides, it provides them with a proof of concept for their clients.

2. Making the Required Changes is Easy

With a physical model of the product in hand, incorporating the changes takes no time at all. Once the feedback is received from the customers, necessary changes can be made.

Before finalizing the product design, many iterations are required. And each process of iteration helps improve the design even more, building the trust with both consumers and the designer.

Aside from this, this technique helps find out the needs of the market, which allows the development of competitive products.

3. Cost and Time Saving

We know time is money. With additive manufacturing, no time or cost is needed to make special tools, patterns, and molds. And the same printing equipment and CAD programs can be used for making different geometries.

Compared to the traditional prototyping techniques like CNC machining, there is not much waste produced in the process. This is because rapid prototyping doesn’t use more material than is required to make the product.

4. Customizing Designs

Although RP offers many benefits, one of the most promising ones is that it helps develop customized products based on the requirement of a customer. Also, it doesn’t require special processes or tools for implementing design changes.

The whole process remains untouched when a minor change is required. For manufacturers, it’s greatly beneficial.

5. Minimizing Design Problems

Also, additive manufacturing allows you to detect flaws in the product design before mass production is commenced. As a matter of fact, the materials needed for developing prototypes create a unit that shares the strength and properties of the actual product. Moreover, it also helps engineers perform required tests without any problem.

Possible faults and Issues are easy to identify so that the final product is free of these problems.

As far as product design and development goes, the use of RP is a lucrative decision. Therefore, the use of this technique should be encouraged in the product centers. In fact, in a world of competitiveness, this technique can help manufacturers make innovative products without allocating a lot of money to meet the costs.

How To Make Precision Milling Parts

Most manufacturing companies of today are turning to precision milling parts. The reason is simple: numerous products are made using these parts. Since not all companies can afford them, outsourcing is the only option for them. Let’s find out how the desired parts are made through precision milling with ease.

A Look At The Process

Precision milling is an incredible process allowing you to design your desired parts. It works by trimming steel or other metals to turn them into your desired shape. This process is also given another name: precision machining. As an alternative, some manufacturers go for lasers or powerful cutters depending upon their needs.

As soon as the process is finished, the parts are used for making the final product i.e. planes, trucks and clocks, just to name a few. Let’s have a deeper insight into the whole process.

A Deeper Insight

Only experienced companies deal in CNC milling parts as the process is of paramount importance. That is way these companies employ a team of experts to make sure things get done the right way.

The involved engineers pay attention to details when the process is on. The first stage of the process is known as prototyping where the team has a model of the final object. They keep the prototype in mind when designing the product. The engineering stage involves a lot more attention. The objective is to make the right CNC milling part while saving as much money as possible. In other words, the company is efficiency oriented.

In this process, the team tries its level to keep the costs as low as possible. In the end, the cost of the process is the lowest and the quality is the highest. In just one year, millions of CNC milling parts are designed by such companies.

CNC milling experts are expert at CNC modeling. They work efficiently cutting down on the cost of the related components. The aim of the companies is to help their customers know about the possible diameters and dimensions of the products they need. Besides, the companies give suggestion to their customers about the construction profile too.

While most companies use a variety of tools during the process, some go for one tool. What benefit do they get by doing so? Well, this decision helps them cut down on the cycle times while strengthening their grip on the entire process. But this doesn’t compromise the product quality.

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