CNC Machining Services

China CNC Machining Services

We make parts from your drawings by CNC machining and we are committed to maintain and exceed our customer’s expectations by striving to be the best in quality, delivery and value. We are devoting ourselves to be the best supplier for China CNC Machining Service.

Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

Bomei is expert in achieving the perfect surface finishies for your parts. With anodizing, spray painting, vapor polishing, sandblasted, silk-screen.

cnc milling china

CNC Milling

Provide CNC milling services from small to large parts with exacting tolerances and dimensions.

cnc turning china

CNC Turning

Offer CNC turning parts with very tight tolerances and diameters from 1mm to 300mm.

cnc machining services

CNC  machining services

The Benefits of Precision CNC Machining

CNC machining is capable of producing precise and complex shapes – something that cannot be achieved by other machining processes such as manual machining. The process itself is more precise and is also capable of exact repeatability, delivering the same product with the same specifications time and time again.

About Us

Bomei was founded in 2003, is a professional factory  in  manufacturing precision cnc machining parts, cnc machine parts and automation precision parts, fixture parts. We provide one-stop cnc machining services for custom cnc machined parts, rapid prototype. We customize all kinds of machining parts according to drawing or samples. Being a cnc precision machining services provider in China for various practices across many industries, we offer diverse custom precision machining services.

  • 15 Years Industry Experience.

    • Medical• Energy• Food Processing
    • Electronics/Semiconductor
    • Telecommunications
    • General Manufacturing

  • Our Business Philosophy.

    delivering exceptional value time and time again is the key to building long-term, solid customer relationships

  • professinoal service

    100% Inspection for Product

cnc machining parts


CNC Prototype China CNC Machining Services-Custom Machining

available to make sure that your components meets all specific requirements for your projects. From 1 piece (“one-offs”) to complete series of professionally customized components, Bomei provides you a one-stop service from mechanical part design, machining, finishing, assembly to delivery.

CNC machining China

CNC milling service China

CNC milling service China

China machining

China machining

plastic CNC machining China

plastic CNC machining China

CNC precision machining china

CNC precision machining china


CNC machining in PMMA (Acrylic)
CNC Aluminum Parts

Custom CNC Aluminum Parts

5 axis cnc machining services
Benefit Of CNC Machining Services In China
Development Of CNC Machining China
CNC machining in PMMA (Acrylic)
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